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I haven’t eaten it, but several recipes mention heating it and then pouring milk over the top

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I’m not really an oatmeal person, but a lot of these recipes I’m seeing for baked oatmeal are all about being able to cut them in squares or bake them in muffin tins so you can take them to work or school. Which to me sounds even more gross than regular oatmeal, unless that oatmeal has a bucket of brown sugar in it, which Is why I don’t eat oatmeal on a regular basis because I want that bucket of brown sugar in it. I have seen people suggest When one gets to work warm it up and then pour some milk over it, preferably Almond milk because all these people are into being extra “healthy.” I’ve heard it mentioned that the baked oatmeal is firmer than normal oatmeal, which one would expect from oatmeal you can cut into squares.

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