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Done! 1 lb 11 oz of steak fat rendered to exactly 2 cups of fat. Took about 45 minutes

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Posted to Thread #30142 at 12:24 am on Feb 28, 2018

using two pans on stove top. End result looks like amazing chunks of grilled beef--and that reminded me of a local steak house that served beef tips in gravy. I had ordered it once and noticed every other piece seemed to be chewy and not in a meat way. Now I realize that they must render off the fat and stir these crispies in with actual chunks of beef. No waste on their part, but I won't be getting that again now that I know what I was eating.

Marg, thank you THANK YOU for mentioning using the beef fat for making gravy. I hadn't even thought of that idea as I don't have meat around that much.

My new neighbors are all MEAT EATERS. Literally. Someone introduced me to another neighbor as "she's the one that makes that chocolate sauce" and the guy said: "I could care less about chocolate. I like meat!"

You could actually HEAR the exclamation point.

Now I pick up meat whenever it's on sale for dinners. I have LITERALLY no room left in my freezer because of these:

13 pound turkey
9 pound fresh ham
8 organic chicken thighs
7 NY strip steaks
4 pound rump roast
1 large strip of pork belly.

I feel like I should throw some geese and French hens in there.

And PORK BELLY!! WHERE THE HELL HAVE I MOVED TO!!!!! I'm living somewhere where they don't care about chocolate and I cook mostly vegetarian. I'm not good with meat.

In a week or so I'm have a few couples over for dinner and it's going to be "Cook Your Own Steak" meal. I'll provide the steaks, twice-baked potatoes, mushrooms and onions. They can cook their own steak.

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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