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there is no malware on the site

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Posted to Thread #30152 at 4:56 pm on Mar 7, 2018

thank you for the info. I genuinely appreciate it and I am not being argumentative, just showing you that I am being thorough.

Most websites these days run offsite javascript ( "js" ). WAG would be something like 95%. This is via Google adsense and things like Bootstrap and a few other frontend frameworks which power the look and feel of most websites. But as far as I can recall the only offsite javascript run in the swap is via google adsense.

There is nothing on the server suggesting any kind of injection. There are no third party sites/blacklists indicating the site is compromised. I'm not a fan of Norton. I'm not a fan of Windows computers at all but invariably get asked to fix them. When I do if they are running Norton, I replace it with the free version of Avast. I've found Norton to be "bloatware" and to me it is just insult to injury to have to pay for it. The fact that they make it very difficult to fully uninstall is also another indicator to me that they are not a company that I trust. Avast is at least as good - in my opinion better.

Link: Avast free version for Windows

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