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Posted to Thread #30170 at 4:08 pm on Mar 17, 2018

I ordered some Easter candy from Russell Stover, since you can now only buy coconut bird nests that still have jelly beans and don't just look like a sad mini cow plop online.

I was so excited to find I could also order a huge box of their "blooper" cosmetically imperfect chocolates for cheap, so I did. This is a great concept, but I didn't really envision that a majority of the box would be one variety from one batch. I opened the box to find that a large number of the candies were oozing one drop of pink whipped filling. See, it is not only cake pop poop. Chocolates apparently poop too. Now, if the majority of my bloopers had been caramel or coconut filling I would have been thrilled.

Anyone have ideas for using up extra pink whipped cream filling chocolates? They are vaguely raspberry or cherry. Can't really decide which.

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