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Richard in Cincy

Lovely. And, BTW, how do you make your garlic bread?

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Posted to Thread #30175 at 1:45 am on Mar 19, 2018

I've been doing this for years and I can make a pretty good garlic bread (olive oil, mounds of chopped garlic, lay the bread on top, grill is my most effective method).

However, Scotti's Italian Ristorante in Cincinnati, the oldest restaurant in the city, with the original cash register to prove it, has a garlic bread that I cannot recreate!!!

Every time I go, I say: "I, have figured out your recipe!!!"

Teresa says: "Oh, you think!--Tell me"

I tell her. She laughs.

Truly, it is the best garlic bread you ever put in your mouth. So simple right? I cannot duplicate it.

Cathy come visit me and we will crack the Italian Garlic Bread Code!!!!

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