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I got a 12 cup cuisinart for christmas and the thing weighs a ton. . .

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It lives permanently on my countertop. The plastic container seems very sturdy. I should try grating some Pecorino Romano I have in the fridge. Great for bread dough but I need to try it for other things. The basic blade is sharper than h*** too; I don't have a dough blade.

I think the cheapening of the Cuisinart mini preps started a while back. I purchased mine, oh, about 5-7 years ago (?). It has been decent, but I cannot say I have used it very much; not even 1 time a month. I noticed recenly that it has cracks in the plastic that holds the blade. Kinda weird, but I must've processed something hard, like carrots, in too big of pieces--or was it parmesan? Disappointing, as I am sure it would have crapped faster out had I used it more frequently. The motor is still willing but the blade is weakening.

I love my toaster, a Sunbeam of about (at least) 45 years of age. It is the type that automatically lowers the bread and then auto-raises it slowly; it has some type of infra-red something or other to give an accurate toast. And it toasts fast so you get truly toasted bread: brown on the outside but still softer bread on the inside, if you so desire.

My toaster is wonderful, and I highly recommend it but they are getting to be pricey "antiques". It is starting to have troubles detecting when bread is dropped in the "one slice" slot, but I have figured out a couple of little tricks to wake the slice detector up, so we are still using it, though I must give "toaster lessons" to anyone who has not used it before, especially if the bread does not lower at first drop.

Yes, my ancient toaster works, but I do have two back-ups of the same model in storage. . . don't tell my husband. . . ! And I gave my sister one of the same models as she loves mine. She doesn't use it much because she has no counter space and doesn't eat much toast. So I guess I have triple-redundancy for a toaster failure in a toaster emergency!

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