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What are yours? NYTimes article with 5 *cheap-ish* things to improve your baking

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Posted to Thread #30194 at 5:18 pm on Mar 29, 2018

1. Heavy half-sheet baking pans
2. parchment paper
3. oven thermometer
4. kitchen scale
5. precision measuring spoons

Okay...I've got all of the above in spades. But what else is important to me?
1. Silpat for when parchment doesn't work, like dipping chocolates. They lift off MUCH easier on Silpat than on parchment
2. good quality silicon spoons/scrapers/etc. Not sure how I lived without them before. Thank you, Pat in NoCA for introducing me to this goodie.
3. Small measuring cup for liquids, scaled in TBL and milliliters.
4. 2 Qt All-Clad sauce pan and Cuisinart non-stick 3.5 Qt: both of these have saved my butt by either keeping things from burning or sticking (okay...those are NOT cheap)
5. Scoops for consistent size in cookies
6. Ruler for...anal retentiveness.
7. Stainless steel bench scraper.
8. While not cheap, it has certainly made my baking a better thing: high quality chocolate like Callebaut or Valrhona.
9. Small electric juicer for bulk juicing. I simply get MORE than if I try to juice manually.
10. Stick blender


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