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Seems to be the case with

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well...that wasn't supposed to happen.

seems to be the case with new appliances. My old Cusinart needs a crane to get it onto the counter now. Didn't seem like that 20 years ago; how did it get heavier? But I would love to have a replacement bowl for it.

I have a mini bowl for my 1970 Oster blender, that is so handy. Its bowl also needs to be replaced but disgustingly, I used crazy glue to mend it. I'm still alive.

I'm with Judy, confident but just keeping fingers crossed that the old heavy-duty motors will carry on. It's the hard plastic bowls that are the problems. The dishwasher is quite the destructive element in this process. Had I not been putting the Cuisinart bowl into the dishwasher, I know it would have fit perfectly today.

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