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Sometimes I just don't know about me:

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Posted to Thread #30198 at 5:28 pm on Mar 31, 2018

I was making caramel candies when the UPS truck drove up my steep driveway to drop off a package. I walked out on the porch to greet him and the following conversation took place:

Me: "Hi...thanks for braving the driveway. Would you like a piece of candy? I'm tempering chocolate."

UPS Guy: "You're tampering with chocolate?"

Me: "No! I'm tempering it."

UPS Guy: "Tampering?"

Me: "No! Tempe....I'm coating caramels with chocolate. Would you like one?"

UPS Guy: "Sure." [takes one and swallows it whole]

Me: "OH MY GOD! You're not diabetic, are you???"

This sudden panic arose because every doctor, walk-in clinic, or insurance person I've talked to here in NC has asked these questions first:

Do you--or have you ever--smoked?
Are you diabetic?

He wasn't so I managed not to kill off a UPS driver out of sheer stupidity.

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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