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Btw I failed at lemon bars today. First attempt who knew “bake till set” was so hard. Ina’s fault.

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Posted to Thread #30198 at 2:47 am on Apr 1, 2018

I kept waiting for them to set, and waiting, and waiting, and they got darker, and darker, until I finally took them out because they’re dead Jim.

Ina should’ve warned me or something. When I first checked them, which should been around the time most things needed to be taken out, a small shake set off a tsunami of waves! This thing wasn’t even remotely set. But still it had way way way way more shake then a cheesecake when I finally took it out. I kept checking it and watched it get too dark but I didn’t know what else to do — this thing was like a river In a snowmelt. Ina, you’ve never failed me before.till now. And with lemon! For shame!

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