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How do YOU do it? I'm making Debbie_in_GA's Twelve-Hour Pork Roast

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Posted to Thread #30204 at 1:52 pm on Apr 3, 2018

because I needed room in my freezer and this 9.65 lb block of frozen pig was blocking my way. That's it. No other reason than that.

Since I don't cook meat that often, I've been buying it when on sale to have for neighbor dinners. I've got turkey, steaks, roasts, fish and who knows what else. I yanked the 9 pound pork shoulder out when I tried to store the halibut I'd bought at Whole Foods and there was NO ROOM at the inn. I mean, No. Room.

It was either gonna be pork roast or turkey. The pork belly was thin enough to be shoved aside and I wasn't in the mood for stuffing and gravy angst. Please note that I have PORK BELLY in my freezer. Me. The owner of at least 30 vegetarian cookbooks.

Anyway....the pork was thawed and in the refrigerator. I woke up this morning and was blissfully reading in bed when I realized: OH MY GOD! TWELVE HOURS! I've got to get that sucker in the oven!

And so, here we are: it's 9:46 AM and I've still got 11.5 hours to go. I will NOT be eating pork at 9:46 PM.

The one time I made this dish was 2003 and I started it at midnight to have friends over for early dinner. At 3:00 AM I went to check on it and found my mother-in-law collapsed, so we rushed her to the emergency room. Our friends came by and ended up finishing the meal for us and it was delicious! I don't even LIKE garlic and it was delicious. Just that fact alone meant I've always wanted to make this dish again. But when am I going to need 9 pounds of meat?

Anyway, took me 15 years and an overstuffed freezer to get there. So here is my question: How in the world do YOU make a meal that takes this long and isn't cooked in a crock pot? My oven has a timer delay but I'm always wary of using it with meats.


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