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My experience...

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Posted to Thread #30211 at 2:22 am on Apr 7, 2018

Your average strip mall Chinese restaurant serves faux Chinese for American palates.

What you were experiencing in the 50's was probably very close to Chinese.

You can't get that now if you don't know how to ask..

American Chinese restaurants cater to Americans. What we grew up with, Kung Pao Chicken, Moo Shoo Pork, and the ubiquitous General's (Z) Chicken was all made for Americans.

Since then, I have made friends with a Chinese colleague and her husband (from Shanghai and Guangzhou). I eat at their house, they eat at our house. They are enamored of the full Austrian and revel in Kaiserschmarr'n and Stollen. I'm enamored of Mom's Shanghai lacquered pork ribs and sticky braised pork belly.

They select the restaurants that we go to. They cannot abide Americanized Chinese food. The latest "IT" Sichuan restaurant in Cincinnati: I arrived first. They gave me a menu. My friend arrived and sat down and started laughing. The menu I was holding said,, in Chinese, "Chinese Food For Americans." How would I know? She quickly dispensed with that, asked for the Chinese menu, and we had amazing food.

My favorite in Chinese restaurant reviews: "It's really authentic Chinese!"

How the hell would they know?

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