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Richard in Cincy

LOL. I spray mine in the sink and then bang the hell out of it on edge of the sink....

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I learned this from Mrs. Heller, a 60ish year old women who came back to my HS to finish her diploma. Her son Joey was principle tuba in the MHS Concert Band and was embarrassed (We got straight I ratings at the Ohio State Band Competition State OMEA contests, BTW--weren't those the days!!!)..

So anyway, me, 16YO, and Mrs. Heller 60YO, were in Food and Nutrition class. We were sent to the kitchen to make muffins. Everyone grabbed their friends to go off to the kitchens and it was me and Mrs. H. left over. Just like baseball on the pitch in elementary school!!! What the hell. There was no sieve for the flour, so we, the smart people, took a strainer from the cabinet and sieved the flour. Afterwards, when our muffins killed the rest of the riff-raff, Mrs. Heller and I were at our station cleaning up. She took that sieve, rinsed it, and banged the hell out of it inside the sink. "what are you doing?"

"Cleaning the sieve!" she said.

And thus bonded the 60YO and the 16YO. We had English, English Literature, and Botany classes together and we would meet outside to gossip. She smoked cigarettes. (OHMYGAWD!!!!) and she would offer me a puff. I love senior citizen delinquents! My grandmother and great-aunt were friends of hers, and when I graduated from HS, guess who I walked up the aisle with? My grandmother was beside herself with joy as we walked down the aisle into the auditorium.

And Joey, who graduated a year earlier, was there to cheer us on.

Mrs. H. died 12 years after HS graduation. I was so privileged to know her.

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