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That was absolute authentic real down-home Chinese food country then. It still

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is one of the best around (Vancouver I mean) but as Richards says, things have changed. What I liked out of my mother's kitchen isn't found much any longer either.

I recognize that it must be authentic because of the food we get here prepared by any of the huge Chinese population. It just doesn't compare. And I guess because of the 60+ years I've been eating it, since before we all started cutting corners.

My dad took us to Chinatown every Sunday (in central Canada) for about 10 years starting in the early 50s; we always ate the same things. Just going to a Chinese restaurant was a stunning feat for him, there was to be no variety in the menu. If he had ever seen the kitchen, I know we would never have returned. I did master chopsticks at a very young age.

One thing we ate was perhaps similar to what you describe but all I can recall of it was that it had very small cubes of carrot and whole toasted almonds. I loved those almonds.

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