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I am having a hard time with believing that. Last year,we had so much rain, all winter long

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Posted to Thread #30222 at 6:53 pm on Apr 9, 2018

It did not let up for days on end.. We got 450 beautiful lemons, 42 oranges on a teenage orange tree, in its second year of production and 20 limes on a baby lime tree, only 3 ft. tall and in a pot. Citrus need fertilizer and lots of it, about three to four times during the year. I am wondering if the growers simply are cutting back on costs and neglecting to fertilize. Our lemon is a Lisbon, and from my research, they have a hard time pulling nutrients from the ground, and do much better when fertilized. Everyone loves our lemons and want to know how come they are so great. When they use the fertilizing plan I give them, they are amazed at the difference in their crop. I'm no expert on this subject, just going by common sense, and my research.

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