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I have two!

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Posted to Thread #30230 at 7:46 pm on Apr 13, 2018

1) We went to a fancy schmancy restaurant for my mom's 70th and my dad had brought in a very beautiful cake to be served for dessert. While our dinner plate were being cleared several at our table mentioned what a gorgeous cake was being served to a different table (another birthday). And for some reason, our dessert was really delayed. Until the restaurant admitted they accidentally served our cake the another table.

2) Here's a really big goof and totally MY goof. Jerry and I have been going to the same Mexican restaurant for 10+ years and have also been close with managers/employees (yes, I bring them a box of baked goods when we go:). Anyway, we threw ourselves a 20th anniversary party to be catered by the restaurant. Well in advance we sat down and went over the dates. And in conversation we all mentioned the "Saturday" party. Someone the manager wrote the wrong date (for the following Wed.) and we signed the contract without going over it in detail. Lo and behold we've got 80 people at our house for the party and the delivery of the food is already 30 minutes late. When I called asking where it was the manager nearly had a heart attack. And even though it was a busy Saturday evening at the restaurant he called all-hands-on-deck and had the food delivered within 40 minutes with two of his sorely needed waitstaff. The only thing that didn't make it until much later in the eveniing was the jugs of margaritas - they were making them from scratch and just didn't have the manpower until later but they did bring them. That manager will always be a hero to me:)

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