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Richard in Cincy

What is really amazing is that the Beef Stroganoff was $3.85 at

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the ritziest joint in Vienna. Try $85 today. $4 for .35 oz. of Iranian caviar!!!

I know the prices were cheaper back then, but with the breathtaking inflation that was introduced with the conversion of the Euro, prices in Europe now are absolutely obscene compared to what they used to be in the halcyon pre-Euro days.

I've been looking at menus for restaurants in Vienna making plans for a future trip and I just cannot believe the prices now. $6-8 for a cup of coffee, $8-10 for a half liter of beer, absolute thievery. When I was a student in 1983, a half liter of beer was $.50. According to the inflation calculator, that would be $2.90 in today's dollars. Somebody's getting rich.

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