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M, you were VERY SMART to pose that question! I ruined one of my nice ceramic pie plates some yrs

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Posted to Thread #30246 at 1:57 pm on Apr 20, 2018

back by going from freezer straight into the oven. SO DUMB, but I'd been doing that for years with all my glass Pyrex pie plates as had my mother before me so I didn't give a moment's thought to a ceramic version being more fragile. My thinking was identical to yours regarding the ceramic stuff having withstood very high temps when being fired in a kiln. Unfortunately, that line of logic doesn't hold water. Sigh. It didn't even dawn on me I'd messed up until I was hand washing my ceramic pie plate after the family had devoured the pie, and I noticed a big crack in it. I was sick because not only was my pie plate pretty, it had been a gift--but it was far too late to avoid my mishap. I'm glad your Pi pie plate escaped unharmed!

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