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Paul Massell

are you expecting too much from your poached egg?

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Posted to Thread #30262 at 7:56 pm on Apr 26, 2018

I mean the loose strands are going to be there in most cases but after you plate the eggs you can gently wipe those away with a paper towel along with any extra water.

I found no benefit in adding vinegar but in my unscientific tests adding some light oil (grapessed) seems to help give the eggs a smoother texture for some reason. Perhaps just from less friction in the swirling water on the smooth pan.

I tried the boil, turn off and let sit method and for me at least, I get better results both in the shape and consistency with the swirl method on medium heat. No vinegar, sometimes a little oil. For me in the sit method, what I end up with looks like a fried egg that was boiled. In the swirl method I get a little cacoon-ey pod egg...

I wonder if your water is really hard or soft and this has an effect? Also just because your eggs are fresh is not the only issue. If the eggs are fresh but the whites are loose then you will get the loose strings regardless.

When I crack the eggs into a shallow dish or bowl I will keep an eye out to just get the yolk and attached white and leave whatever extra white that I can in the shell. This helps minimize the loose whites. Also when I put the eggs into the water, I do so just above the surface of the water so they are gently transferred into the swirling water.

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