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SCORE!! Two perfect poached eggs, albeit a bit small. Used the drain/swirl/2 min

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Posted to Thread #30262 at 6:22 pm on Apr 27, 2018

version and made them one at a time. The second was just as perfect as the first. Thanks for the hint to drain...that seemed to make the most difference. I made sure the water was just at a simmer (no vinegar, no salt), swirled to a vortex and gently lower the strainer with the yolk and attached white into it. Google said to cook 4 minutes, but it looked done at 2 minutes and turns out that is the perfect amount of time for me.

Served on top of buttered crispy whole grain toast, a sliver of avocado with lemon juice, two roasted Kumato tomato halves and a nice cup of coffee.


Scratch that last phrase. I LOVE my coffee, but lately have been trying to cut out the obscene amount of dairy I use (at least 2/3 C of heated milk], 2 packages of Splenda, and too much caffeine.

Now I'm using RIPPLE (a plant-based coffee creamer which CAN NOT be heated without breaking down), Truvia for sweetness and a decaffeinated bean.


Oh poached eggs were perfect and for that we give thanks to our friends here who have the patience to guide me through murky waters filled with floating streaky egg whites.

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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