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Additional note: This recipe follows making the B'Day cake, so only the scraps are

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used. That is why the recipe says it makes 12 balls. I noticed in the Netflix show that she punches circles out of the sheet cake out for the cake layers and then pulls the remaining scraps into another container to make the cake balls with it.

Personally, I'm just going to make a boatload of cake balls with this layer cake.

It's cooling as we e-speak and I'm baking the coating sand now.

Update: I got 40 golf-ball size truffles using one cake preparation. I probably could have eked out a few more, but was noshing on the cake before I started the balls. These taste identical to the ones I purchased at Milk Bar in NYC.

Hint: Make twice the amount of sand coating to make it easier on yourself. Also, two people would be better since you coat the chocolate by rubbing it in your palm and then transferring to sand. I ended up one-handing the melted chocolate coating with my left hand and tossing in the sand with my right hand. Pretty messy.

Used one full bag of Ghirardelli white coating discs for 40 balls.

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