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From DawnNYC: 3 Ingredients+Pork Loin (did it in IP!)

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Posted to Thread #30281 at 1:51 pm on May 12, 2018

Bought a 6# pork loin on sale so I went into the Swap to find ideas. Had been craving sweet and sour pork so I cubed about a pound of the more marbled end. The next 2 pound, I used to make pork scallopini served with Marilyn's Mushroom Bourguignon. The final 3# I wanted to roast. Been trying to work down pantry and was intrigued with DawnNYC's 2008 crockpot recipe mixing apple pie filling, sage and BBQ sauce - kinda like the grape jelly and chili sauce meatball recipe ;) Dh and I agree with Dawn - it was yummy. And I used the IP Slow Cook for the first time! Dawn's crockpot version linked below. Used the leftover pork loin cubes for Richard's Quick Posole. Ready to move on from 5 days of pork to chicken ;) Colleen

Three-Ingredients+ Pork Loin w/Instant Pot Slow Cook
3 lb pork loin roast - season w/S&P, cumin, rosemary or your favorite seasonings
1 cup apple pie filling
1/2+ tsp dried sage (or 2-3 sage leaves)
1/4 cup vinegar-based barbecue sauce (I used 1 TBS BBQ sauce, 1 TBS ketchup, 1 TBS chili sauce and 1 TBS cider vinegar)
(Sweet Potatoes, microwaved - optional)

Add oil/spray to Instant Pot liner. Select Saute - toggle to medium. When hot, fry seasoned pork over medium-high heat until browned on all sides. Hit Cancel. Remove pork. Pour off excess oil in pot. Return to base.
Select Saute. Place pie filling and sage into the bottom of the pot, stir to incorporate fond and warm. Add pork roast. Spoon barbecue sauce on the top of the roast. Cover IP - set Vent to Open.
Hit Cancel. Select Slow Cook, toggle to High. Cook for an hour (set IP and kitchen timer). Open IP, flip roast. Check temp of meat - mine was just below 150 degrees. Cover.
Hit Cancel, select Slow Cook, toggle to Medium. Cook for an hour. At end, check temp of meat - mine was just about 155. Can add cooked veggies around roast - I added microwaved sweet potatoes cut in half. Cover.
Hit Cancel, select Slow Cook Medium. Set for an hour. At end, check temp of meat - mine was just about 165. Remove roast, tent with aluminum foil (and place in warming oven if not ready to serve). Cover IP and leave apples (veggies) on warm. Slice pork after 10 minute rest.

Link: Three-Ingredient Crockpot Apple Pork Loin

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