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Paul Massell

when we lived in the Sonoran Desert...

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Posted to Thread #30285 at 9:15 pm on May 16, 2018

We had rattlesnakes on our property in very bad places like hanging out in the shade right where you step out of the front door. The first time this happened my wife called the fire department. They came out grabbed the snake and threw it over the fence of our backyard. We were city-folk shocked. This happened again a while later and when they threw it over the fence a second time we were like "What gives here?" Turns out that the rattle snakes were not only NOT discouraged from being around homes but in fact encouraged. The reason: Pack Rats. Rattlers were the most effective defense against pack rats and so what if your child steps outside your front door and gets a rattlesnake bite every once in a while...
Apparently among other problems, the pack rats harbor kissing bugs which harbor a very dangerous parasite.

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