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hmm...stuffed cabbage comes to mind. I have Ukrainian, Serbian, Polish and German

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grandparents and have had it many different ways while living in Pittsburgh, a literal melting pot of ethnic cooks. Actually, here is a paraphrased conversation that I had with a coworker when I started at Westinghouse in PA back in 1976.

Let's clear up the interaction site first: I was hired UNDER MANDATE by the Good Old US of A federal government forcing companies such as Westinghouse to hire females for equal employment opportunity. You know, the other sex that was meant to stay home and raise the kids (direct quote said to me). I was the first female draftsman hired since World War II at this manufacturing facility. It was me and 146 male draftsmen and I was taking a job that should have gone to a man to provide for a wife and a family (direct quote to me). They also hired a female engineer to balance off 36 male engineers.

They were, however, under no constraint to pay me the same as my coworkers: "Marilyn, Michael has two kids to feed. I have to pay him more..."

Moving on...

back to stuffed cabbages which I learned to make from my mother who was taught this method from my father's Ukrainian mother. One day at work, a Polish coworker (obviously male) saw my lunch was stuffed cabbage (We called them "ha-loop-key" at home) and asked who had made them. I said me. He said "what's in them?"

Ah...I was being challenged with the old "stuffed cabbage" quiz.

Game on.

Me: Meat and cabbage (I can play dumb with the best of them)
Paul: What type of meat?
Me: Beef, pork, and veal
Paul: What else?
Me: Rice
Paul: Cooked or uncooked
Me: Uncooked
Paul: What else?
Me: Onions
Paul: Cooked or uncooked?
Me: Sautéed (that shut him up for a bit)
Paul: How do you wrap them?
Me: Steam the big leaves and trim off the thick stem.
Paul: Sauce?
Me: Large can of tomato juice (that got a rise out of him, continuing the age old debate of tomatoes versus tomato soup versus tomato puree versus tomato juice. Pick a side).
Paul: hmm
[I sensed a weakening and went in for the kill]
Me: Then you layer the pan with more cabbage leaves, line up the rolls, spoon sauerkraut over it all (sauerkraut: it's the Ukrainian Amino Acid) and add the juice. Cook until the sauce thickens, meat is tender and rice is cooked.

When he asked to taste one, it was game over.

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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