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Two ready-made sweets I'm happy with: Biscotti from TJ and old-fashion cake from WF

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Posted to Thread #30303 at 2:22 pm on May 25, 2018

I've been searching for the perfect coffee snack and have worked my way through most of Trader Joe's cookies lined up over the freezer row. Fortunately, my library isn't afraid to take open cookie packages from me so I'll try one or two and when they fail to hit my mark, they go to their snack room.

I finally hit on TJ's 6" chocolate almond biscotti (Trader Giotto's!). They are ULTRA hard which makes them perfect for dipping and the quality chocolate coating on the bottom of the almond biscotti is my preference rather than an actual all-chocolate biscotti.

I also bought a package of the smaller TJ biscotti called "Soft Bite Almond Biscotti, which are half the size (3"). Haven't tested those yet.

The second item that worked after trying many other items is the "old-fashion yellow cake with chocolate icing" at Whole Food. They sell it in portions and I sampled a tiny piece with vanilla icing the last time I was there. I had worked through their croissants (plain, almond, chocolate)--to be honest, my plain ones (actually Gesine Bullock's recipe) are as good. The following failed my persnicketiness test: oatmeal cookie, chocolate chip cookie, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, biscotti, kouign-amann, cinnamon rugelach, raspberry rugelach, black & white cookie, and the brioche.

So why did I like it? For the very simple reason that I couldn't discern any chemical additives and it left a good feel in my mouth. Not a greasy one like so many factory-made pastries can do. It tasted like plain old cake that I bake with a moist crumb and just enough icing for a tiny smear with each bite. It's a bit too sweet for snacking, but is the perfect end of a meal for me. One 3" square lasted 3 days (it could have lasted 1, but I put on the brakes).

I like to compare my baking results with professional versions and so far, I'm not that impressed with what I've sampled. I expected them to be yards ahead. But looking at the glass half full, I guess I bake fairly well.

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