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Update on Mission 'Salt Rising Bread'

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Posted to Thread #30305 at 8:27 pm on May 29, 2018

The potato starter took two days outside, but it finally burst into foamy bacterial life on Sunday.

Unfortunately I couldn't bake yesterday because of a family picnic, so I fed them and tucked them into the warmed oven.

I got up this morning and started. The first thing is to take the starters and make sponges, to pump them up with food. Two hours later they were growing like mad: 1/3 to 1/2 increase in size, top is bubbling.

Since I made two starters, to follow this experiment through, I had two batches of bread to make.

So Mr. Potato was to the top of the bowl so he went first, took more flour than the recipe called for to get a nice dough, but with all of the earlier beating and gluten development (Recipe: "Beat until the arm rebels"--no problem with professional kitchenaid!) the dough was so smooth, satiny, and with just a little kneading out on the bread board, very pliable and non-sticky dough. Three loaves shaped and placed in the buttered bread pans.

Next, the corn-based version worked up just the same. It didn't have as much liquid so made a little less. 2 big loaves and a smaller round loaf. I wish you could smell the kitchen. All of that dough and the smell of a nice ripe Italian cheese.

I have 6 loaves of bread proofing in the warm oven (large hotel pan filled with hot water on the bottom shelf) and I'll be baking here in a couple minutes. I've been documenting the entire process with photos and I will post the start to finish soon.

I cannot wait to eat fresh salt-rising bread for dinner tonight!

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