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Salt-Rising Bread Photos.

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Posted to Thread #30305 at 2:24 am on May 30, 2018

I did the cornmeal starter with Kentucky Weisenberger White Bolted Stone-ground cornmeal. The Potato starter with Idahoians from the grocery.

Right off cornmeal took the lead. Lovely foamy fermentation and the best deep aged Italian cheese scent. Potato sat.

Next day, day 2 of the 90F. Potato just went ballistic and bloomed an amazing fermentation. Potato takes the lead.

The recipes were a little different, and I kept the starters separate to follow the recipes Precisely! (those of you who know me, know how hard that it is!). However, since cornmeal starter was calling for lard. It was not hard keeping to that.

From the starters you build the sponges. The fragile starter needs to be fed! FEED ME!!!! They also have to keep warm. And today's baking day, the temps had fallen into the 70's early, but did manage to climb back into the 80's. Not at my required 90F. So I'm cycling oven off and on for a few minutes with my large hotel pan in the bottom of the oven filled with hot water. Oven was steamy.

The amazing thing about all the preliminary beating of the sponge and first knead was that both doughs were beautiful velvety satin. Very easy to work with and shape.

On the final bake, Potato did more rise (but the recipe baked differently. Potato baked at 350F for an hour. Cornmeal started off at 400F. for 10 minutes and then downshifted).

Final results, judge for yourself. I do not like the bicarbonate of soda taste in the potato bread. I'm wondering "WHY?" since it was such a robust starter of the two. The best taste, and closest to the Salt-Rising Bread of my youth goes to Cornmeal.


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