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*^#$^&&^^% [insert swear word of choice]. While in NYC, I tried a few items from Milk Bar,

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Posted to Thread #30312 at 1:07 pm on May 30, 2018

Christina Tosi's ode to sugar treats made for common folk.

Really. Everything is extremely sweet and falls back on childhood memories, like multi-colored cereal that may possibly contain every chemical in the periodic table and colorful jimmies and marshmallows and Cheetos.

But the Key ingredient is SO. MUCH. SUGAR.

Anyway, I tried one of her Corn Cookies and it was good. To me, it immediately tasted like a schmooshed flat and crisp'd version of my uber-sweet corn bread (actually, Disney Wilderness Lodge's corn bread. Containing: Lots of sugar. Lots of butter. In fact, I will NEVER call it corn bread if I serve it here in western NC because I would be shot. Then shot again. Corn bread here is bread made of corn meal. And some buttermilk. Not much else.)

Anyway, I kept the cookie wrapper with ingredients to remind myself to try them out. I also picked up a container of freeze-dried corn at Milk Bar because I knew this was a "special" ingredient. $6. Okay, I'm fine with that.

Back now in NC, I looked at ingredient list on the wrapper and here's what it says:

Crap. I don't have Brown Rice Syrup because I tossed out the jar I bought forever ago and used only once. And I don't have flaxseed because apparently I don't care enough for the internal workings of my heart to give it Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Nor did I have corn flour, which in one recipe I briefly scanned called for BOTH freeze-dried corn powder AND corn flour.

Okay. So now we've got to add in:

Brown Rice Syrup: $14.99
Flaxseed Meal: $5.99
Corn flour: $4.19

Plus tax because, unlike Florida, NC charges tax on food.

I finally figured I was ready to make these and LO AND BEHOLD, not a single recipe online calls for BROWN RICE SYRUP. NOR FLAXSEED. NOR CORN FLOUR.

I've got Tosi's older book on reserve at the library and am wondering what I'll find in there, because I'm assuming most of the recipes online will have come from that.

Damn. I just wasted $25 plus tax on ingredients for a cookie that will NOT end up tasting like the one I bought in NYC.

[insert groan of disgust at self for not researching better]

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