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CathyZ from Kauai

I agree Richard. And Janet, good question with several answers to it

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Can only speak for myself- I check the board once a day but barely post anymore even though I constantly try out new recipes; they rarely come from here. Googling for answers to peoples questions has taken over for experience and knowledge. Blogs rule even though recipes I've tried from them often don't work. Many talented cooks have given up on the board because there are some that just must post in almost every thread claiming they know more. I am not a "trendy recipe" kind of person. I love good, solid tried and true food. Turning a recipe into that takes work; making it over and over again, tweaking until it is "right". Exotic ingredients come and go with the wind- try it once, put it on the shelf. On to the next "new" thing. I don't do that. People I work with bring food to share in the office. Boxed brownies, canned this, packaged that. All fine and their way of eating but I know that when I bring something truly homemade in to share they all go nuts and want the recipe.

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