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Lana in FL

Younger DD is getting married in July

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Posted to Thread #30315 at 9:46 pm on May 31, 2018

We are renting our community clubhouse and keeping it small and low-key, except that I am plotting to program some robots I borrowed from school (for lesson planning, of course) to play the wedding march and proceed in front of her decked with tissue paper flowers. And if you think robots can't dance and sing, look what my students did in the link.

We will do the food ourselves. She just sent me her menu, and I'd appreciate some advice. I am so against the deviled eggs, because they need to be done at the last minute. We are going to cut the tops off mini peppers, and fill the whole thing, which means we can do those in the morning and stack them, so that's quite different.

I can see that we will need gluten free food, as my oldest friend (we met when we were 12, hrrrrmph years ago) can't have gluten. DD doesn't want dips, probably because of the drips. I'd really appreciate comments and suggestions.

Self Catering Menu

Estimated 75 Guests

5.5 hours of drinks available, 6 drinks apiece?
2 dispensers of cocktails
Iced tea

Snacky Things

Hot- Requires Oven

Frozen: Sausage Rolls, 180PC (made ahead at home)
BOUGHT: Mini Quiches 144 PC, Costco
BOUGHT: Spanakopita, 98 PC, Costco
Frozen: Won Tons (VEGAN) (made ahead at home)

Deviled Potatoes
Deviled Potatoes (VEGAN)
Spinach and Vidalia Crostini (VEGAN)

Cold- Keep Chilled til served:

Smoked Fish Pinwheels,
Caprese skewers: mozzarella cherry tomatoes salami olives
Deviled Eggs
Peppers with Boursin
Peppers with Hummus (VEGAN)
Marinated Mushrooms (VEGAN)
Olives (VEGAN?)

Mama’s Chocolate Mousse, 80srv
Rugelach, 2 batch of 64
Sugar Cookies w/ Royal Icing
Brownies (VEGAN) (FWBS)
Italian Espresso Chocolate Bars(FWBS)
Red Velvet Brownies(FWBS)

Wedding cakes:
Key Lime Cake (VEGAN)
Chocolate Cake W/ Mocha Buttercream, white chocolate ganache drip
Gold Cake with strawberry filling, whipped cream frosting
Carrot Cake W/ Cream cheese frosting
Devil’s Food Cake- Glazed
Orange Olive Oil Cake

Link: STEAM Robots

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