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After an epic fail and one mediocre result, I am giving up on the egg replacer I tried,

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Posted to Thread #30316 at 10:49 pm on May 31, 2018

Follow Your Heart brand.

I used to to make brownies and they took so long to bake and fell apart in the middle but tasted fine. I thought it could have been from the extra bourbon I added instead of vanilla but I was careful about the total liquid volume.

I tried to make the cranberry pecan coffee cake using frozen cranberries. The batter looked perfect but it never got baked through, even after 70 minutes. The tester came out clean but as it rested it collapsed in the center, just like a fail on the Great British Baking Show. When I cut into a slice the center was sludge. I tried microwaving it, thinking it might be a way to firm up the center, but that didn't help. Then I broke it up into pieces and baked it as a crumble and served it over yogurt and ice cream. So disappointing. I am thinking it was the eggs and not the cranberries being frozen rather than fresh. Since many of you tried the recipe - sorry I didn't link it here - I presumed it worked as a frozen version. Anyway, I am going to try other non-egg subs like yogurt mixed with extra baking soda/powder, and maybe give the flax seed slurry a try again (although I dislike the overly nutty flavor). Chia seeds likewise, they're too dark and I just want a coffee cake or a yellow cake at this point.

So disappointing and a waste of expensive groceries.... ((wipes a tear))

Also my espresso machine has died - RIP - I'm going to ask Nespresso to fix it again but it's out of warranty and I will have to pay. ((sniff))

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