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Exactly what I was going to say, Mar. Lana, it's super easy to fill the deviled eggs last minute. We

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do this all the time in catering. As Marilyn said, you can have the filling in the piping bag already (with the tip inserted into the bag first) and clip it off or band it off with a rubberband. The filling can be done a day ahead -- just be sure to keep it refrigerated right up until you're ready to pipe it into the eggs.

To transport the eggs we place a paper towel in the bottom of a sheet pan then just a single layer of hard boiled eggs cut in half, cut side up (best not to do multiple layers in the same pan to avoid breakage). The paper towel liner provides traction and keeps the eggs from rolling around and breaking up during transport to your venue. Placing a lightly damp paper towel over the top of the eggs helps keep the eggs looking nice and fresh and keeps them from drying out. To moisten the paper towels just run them under water, squeeze out the water to achieve a barely damp paper towel, then open up gently to avoid tearing. The damp paper towel trick works great. Then put a lid on top or wrap the whole pan with plastic wrap.

Adding a small garnish to the deviled eggs after they are filled is a nice finishing touch.
A few good garnish candidates:
a small leaf like parsley or cilantro or chervil or dill
a light sprinkle of minced fresh chives
capers or smoked salmon/dill or an olive slice
crisscross 2 mini batons of chives or thinly sliced roasted red pepper strips
chopped thin crispy prosciutto or crispy smoked bacon
a tiny dollop of olive tapenade or caviar or fish roe

A shake of paprika over the filled eggs used to be the norm back in the day but can be a challenge to control the volume and consistency.

You won't believe how popular deviled eggs are at even the most frou-frou events.

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