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Need fool-proof [read: idiot-proof] recipe for a untried, virgin ingredient: rhubarb!

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Posted to Thread #30319 at 1:41 pm on Jun 2, 2018

I've managed to survive 6 decades and yet have never cooked/baked with rhubarb, having read it was extremely bitter. Then Angie (I miss her!) sent me rhubarb jam and it was WONDERFUL.

This morning I visited the Asheville Tailgate Farmer's Market and picked up rhubarb stalks and fresh NC strawberries. Also picked up some pastry strudels (to see the competition should I try to sell Mom's here) but they used a very good short pastry wrapped around tasty more a pasty yet shaped like a strudel.

No comparison to home-made, hand-pulled strudel dough as these are two different animals completely. However, his were quite delicious...I bought two savory versions: a rift on a Cuban sandwich with pork and cheese and a SPICY beef version that would be perfect for appetizers. He was a professional caterer and went to culinary school.

I also tried a cheese scone from one stand and a croissant from another. Both were so-so and I ditched them rather than eat all those calories. Again, I'm surprised my own home versions are meeting and sometimes beating the professionals out there.

Oh, at the scone stall, which was packed on three sides with various pastries, the woman in front of me asked for a chocolate shortbread (shaped like a deck of cards). The counterperson took one and the woman said: "No. I want all of them" so the girl packaged all 5 pieces. A woman standing next to me laughed and said: "Hopefully, none of the rest of us wanted those" laughed again and I laughed with her.

Whoa. The shortbread purchaser turned around and gave BOTH of us the stink eye. I mean, really. We were all in line for happy Saturday morning pastries and I'm SURE the woman who said that meant it kindly and in a humorous way. But it wasn't taken that way. I smiled at her, but just got another stink eye look.

I really hope she enjoys those cookies.

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