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Yes, if you have eaten Ethiopian,, you already know Horn of Africa foods

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They use interesting spices with chicken, lamb, goat, and some fish. If a stew-like dish, tear up injera bread (soft, spongy) to scoop up the food with your fingers. There is a flatbread too, like chappati. Being influenced by other countries, you may get curries, rice, and spaghetti. Drink coffee or the spiced tea (kind of a chai latte). Be sure to order sambusi, aka sambuusa or samosa. (My students used to bring me sambusi regularly. Being retired five years, I miss those.)
Oh, you may get a banana to eat with your meal. Consider it a condiment. If you like some heat, get the green sauce. If you aren't sure, just ask what most Americans like in this restaurant. I think you will find the owners delighted that you are came with an open mind

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