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rhubard: well, that was an experience I need not replicate. Ever. Just finished scrubbing my oven

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Posted to Thread #30328 at 10:34 pm on Jun 5, 2018

where the rhubarb pie filling bubbled and flowed like KÄ«lauea trying to reach the ocean. It flowed from the pie to the non-stick oven liner and then continued to flow and drip to the bottom of the oven and through the seam in the door. It's even in the drawer underneath the oven.

And when I tried to lift the finished pies out in that bubbling mass of sugar capable of third degree burns, my oven pads picked up the sticky boiling hot sugar syrup and stuck to my wrist, leaving red welts.

And when I set the glass pie plate and casserole with all that sticky filling on the stove glass top, it adhered to it as the sugar cooled. I mean STUCK like a barnacle to a ship's keel, like Trump to his comb-over, like Harvey Weinstein's hand on [fill in the blank]'s a$$.

I had to boil water and pour it over the glass top and gently nudge my off-set spatula underneath to pry those suckers up. Then I had to get on my knees and attempt to scrub off carbonized sugar molecules inside the oven. I gave up after 10 minutes.

On my knees! For a pie.

And the end result? The pie was simply too sweet for me. It's going to go over gangbusters up here because sugar is one of the four basic food groups. But I think I'll stick with fruit pies that are sweet by nature, not by design.

PS: Even though I washed up, my wrists are slightly sticking to my computer keyboard as I type this. I suspect I'll be finding sugar residue everywhere for the next few days.

PPS: I'm fairly sure this could be used on enemies attempting to breach your castle walls. Just pour hot pie filling over the parapets and watch 'em scream.

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