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Oh, a lot of this was my own fault. Let me enumerate the ways I was stupid:

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1. One batch of organic rhubarb (a tad red at the ends...90% green) gave me 2 3/4 C. So I added some bitter organic strawberries to that to get to 5 cups.

2. Then I mentioned at the library I was making rhubarb pie and the piteous plea was enough to send me to Ingles where I bought some ruby red stalks ($4.98/lb = $6.50 for 5 stalks). That gave me 4 cups, so I added more strawberries

2a. When I cut off the bottoms of these beautiful red stalks, the knife pulled entire strips of the red I was stripping off old wallpaper. So much for beautiful red stalks...these were just as green underneath.

3. Then I mixed the filling all up. So note, I've double the basic recipe.

4. The problem was, I had only made one batch of two-layer pie dough, so I divied it up like this: bottom crust for a very short-sided 8" pie pan, bottom crust for a small 5" casserole, bottom & top crust for 6" skillet.


6. Since I didn't have enough dough for top crusts, I made crumb topping and put it on the 8" and the casserole.

7. Reread #6 again. I think this was my BIGGEST mistake. When the recipe author added the top crust, she sealed top and bottom together, so the steam goes out the slits...JUST LIKE IT DID FOR MY 6" pie.

8. I had literally NOTHING to stop the filling from bubbling up and overflowing the edges of both the pie or the casserole. I didn't even have enough dough to build up a rim, so this one is on me.

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