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Posted to Thread #30328 at 4:04 am on Jun 7, 2018

Well, there was nothing good about that was there?!

That was an epic pie spill over! I got a tell ya when you go for fail you go big. I’m so sorry! This kind of reminds me of a failure I had when I made my peach pie at a friends house, in her brand new oven, Though it was not nearly as spectacular. It just bubbled over in her oven and it was setting off all the smoke alarms and we were frantically waving towels at them because we somehow couldn’t reach them to take the batteries out and we were trying desperately to not have that wake her husband up from a nap. Ever since then I’ve used a baking sheet under my pies and I wonder why we didn’t think of that at the time, we started to see it spill over and we just let it keep going because it still needed to bake.

I think the strawberries might’ve added to the sweetness factor. Maybe. The rhubarb pie I just made I thought was a little on the tart side from how I remembered it. Then again maybe rhubarb has varying levels of sweetness. I’ve read that rhubarb is very tart, hence the need for Sugar. However, I have no experience other than this pie so what do I know? I do know that memorial weekend I made a blueberry pie and cut back 3/4 on the sugar because these were Oregon blueberries and much sweeter than what we normally get in California and it was delicious. Though I don’t know it for a fact, my imagination says that rhubarb tastes like sour dirt celery without the sugar. So we know it must be true.

I Wouldn’t blame you if you never attempted rhubarb pie ever again!

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