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Maybe I'm a good example of some of this. I hope it's not the bullying and I would hope that someone

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would slap me silly if I do 'seem' that way. It is so easy to be misinterpretted or for communication to go awry, I think we need to be more lenient when there is neither face-to-face nor voice-to-voice going on. But sure, I do see some of that, no big deal. I think we can just not react if we are bothered.

But my life took me away, as Colleen suggested. I just had no one to cook for any longer and felt I could not contribute to this lovely group; frankly, it was discouraging to be taken away from enjoying the kitchen. I had felt as though you were all part of my everyday culinary life. Whenever I made a beloved recipe, I always remembered who posted it. But that life changed. I have friends here now and I am doing a little cooking but have other restrictions that are limiting my culinary adventures. And it's not just the cessation of the quarterly trips to Paris. Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

I don't know what happened to her but it sounds as though Angie is in a new life as well.

I hope any changes would only make Paul's efforts easier, rather than representing a challenge. How is Paul doing for revenues here??

By the way, I was chuckling last night in the kitchen as I had my head in the oven thinking about Marilyn's rhubarb pie. Does anyone remember the photo Marilyn posted of her kitchen...........there was a blackboard in the background with a very personal and hilarious reminder on it? Yep, totally unrelated but funny.

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