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well....actually...GayR sent me a hint to reduce the liquid (thanks, Gay!) and the neighbor IM'd me

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Posted to Thread #30328 at 1:50 pm on Jun 7, 2018

this morning, thanking me again for the double-crusted version that hadn't ooze all over the oven. They had just finished the pie for breakfast. Apparently, if you are south of the Mason-Dixon line, pie for breakfast is OK!

Anyway, the hint is to sugar the sliced rhubarb pieces the night before and let it set, leeching out a lot of the liquid. So I'm going to try another test run (baked in a sheet pan this time) since I'm assuming a lot of the sugar will be left behind, allowing for less overwhelming sweetness and more of the tart rhubarb flavor to shine. By the way, that leeching method works beautifully with apple pie slices. I've let them sit sliced & sugar'd in a bag for up to a week. This ended that annoying gap between apples and baked top crust.

And Sandy LOVED that crust. I added just a TBL of butter to the 2/3 C of Crisco for no other reason than it wouldn't be 100% Crisco. Then I brushed the top crust with heavy cream and sugar. They were actually fighting over the last bit of crust.

She mentioned the difficulty in scrubbing baked-on sugar drippings off the edge of the pan! Ha.

PS: Gonna try again because I hate failing at stuff. I'm stubborn like that.

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