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Richard in Cincy

$35 dollars!!!

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Posted to Thread #30329 at 1:07 am on Jun 8, 2018

I looked and yes, there it is, the 2 cup jar is $35 dollars. I lucked out on the 1 cup $1/jar sale!!!

But really, why aren't they offering this in the bags like they do other popular blends. It should not take $35 dollars to replace a 2 cup jar.

Of course Penzey's prices have been rising like a flood in central Europe. When I first started shopping them 20 years ago they were a bargain for good spices and herbs. Since then, they are astronomical.

I started buying most of my herbs and spices from San Francisco Herb and it is a lot cheaper. As far as Sunny Paris, before I pay $35 for the largest container, I will shop SF herb to buy the constituents and make it myself.

And PS, as the graffiti went at the Cincinnati Conservatory in response to Jesus Saves: "Moses Invests."

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