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Richard, I believe the overnight marinating in this REC or brining helps a lot to avoid dryness &

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tough grilled pork chops. The way they feed swine today means there is lots less fat in the meat so I also am careful to only cook pork to an internal temp of 140 to 145 degrees F and then I let these chops sit for 10 minutes off the grill (tented with foil) so they could finish cooking via residual heat. We only heated one side of our gas grill to about 375 degrees and cooked the pork chops with the lid cracked open a couple inches.

I bought 1-inch thick, bone-in pork chops at the Kroger store so I used nothing fancy or expensive from a butcher shop, & these were the most tender chops I've ever made--either indoors OR out on the grill. AAMOF, I saved what was left of my half recipe of marinade, boiled it, then cooled and refrigerated it so I could grill 2 more chops exactly the same way for our dinner the next night. They were that good!

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