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MarilynFL someone has to describe what an Asian pear SHOULD taste like. I bought one YEARS ago

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Posted to Thread #30341 at 1:20 pm on Jun 12, 2018

at the oriental grocery store in Orlando and it had that white, stretchy, meshy "I'm gonna protect you no matter what" girdle around it.

And it was terrible. Mushy and bruised (see apparent failure of safeguards listed above) with an off-putting whiff of mold and yet...somehow, no taste at all. Just a watery....nothingness.

I had that same tasteless experience with dragon fruit, which is GORGEOUS, but VACUOUS in taste. Kind of like some of the folks that come out of Hollywood.

So, ya...I never went for another one even though my coworker's Korean wife loved them. But then she liked fermented fish, so who's to know. But Lisa is saying it would be a GENIUS substitute--and I trust her--so now my curiosity is piqued. I'm near Asheville with WF and TJ and I'm sure a better source with ethnic ingredients turn-over. Plus I had great success with newbie celeriac and the neighbor loved my virgin experience with rhubarb (still on the burner for another attempt for me), so should Asian Pear be my next Iron Chef ingredient?

PS: It's gonna get a second chance because my FIRST experience with jicama was also horrible. It tasted like I shaved tree bark into my salad. Michael in Phoenix explained (after I bit*ched about my experience) that it was probably an old, dried out root (tuber?)...and that a new one would be crisp and not woody. So I tried it again, following his hints on selection and he was absolutely right.

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