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oh man, I just threw shade on a purchased cookie and it turns out I'm a GF/Paleo snob.

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Posted to Thread #30344 at 2:11 pm on Jun 12, 2018

I've been stopping at every store in my new local area, seeing what's what and basically avoiding all the work I have to do at home.

Yesterday, I was told about a small grocery store that sells local trout products (frozen, smoked, etc) so I stopped in. Stupidly, I did it right after lunch, so I had neither the craving nor the inclination for fish of any kind. But since I was there, I bought a coffee and a small package of cookies from a local bakery. As I live ~30 miles from Asheville, a concentric circle of businesses means there is a brewery, a bakery, a gun shop or a church within 10 feet in any direction.

Anyway, I'm walking down the street, trying to avoid the influx of visitors who are ALL walking their dogs and spread out across the width of the sidewalk like a posse, while sipping my coffee and ripping open the package of cute little mounded cookies. I had no idea what they were made of, but I can spot a mini-chocolate chip from 30 paces, so I figured I was in for homemade chocolate chip cookie.

And it was. Kind of. Sorta

I took a small bite, then another and then I ACTUALLY stopped and looked at the cookie, trying to figure out what was odd about it. It had a nice golden color and I was impressed how they managed to keep it so mounded...mine always spread somewhat.

My tongue was doing its own analysis: the texture was gritty, the taste not very sweet and the chips were a tad off. I wondered then if they used carob chips and that was throwing me.

Finally, I turned the package over and read the ingredients:




Organic almond flour, dairy-free dark chocolate chips, organic palm oil shortening, Omega-3 enriched eggs, organic coconut sugar, honey, organic coconut flour, pure vanilla extract, baking soda, salt.


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