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sorry, that won't be possible. Free lunch is provided 5 days a week & a different church

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group buys and prepares the food to be given away to walk-ins. They already have the desserts plated (99.9% of the time it's pie or cake slices from Ingles or Walmart) for their planned lunch meal. I just show up and drop off 2 dozen of whatever to be given to patrons when they leave...something they can hold in their hand easily: cupcakes, banana bread, cake slices put in cupcake holders, etc. Rice pudding, bread pudding and flan weren't such good ideas. The kitchen crew has to dole that out and it had to be eaten there, so I don't do that anymore.

Basically, I just pop in the back door, say hi, move my stuff off of my half-sheet and leave. No one even knows my name because it's different volunteers every day (there are a LOT of churches in this area). The head kitchen manager calls me The Banana Bread Lady because one of the first times I showed up, they had rotten bananas outside to be tossed and I ran back inside and BEGGED for them. Showed up the next day with walnut banana bread.

I plan, however, to taste a piece when cutting it into servings and will let you know. My taste buds are already curling up in fear.

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