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I'm wondering about food temp differences between Canada and USA

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Posted to Thread #30358 at 5:28 am on Jun 22, 2018

I know we Americans are an international joke for wanting cold beverages to be served with ice. Are there other significant differences? We just came home from our time in stunningly gorgeous Alberta and British Columbia, with added days in Vancouver. Hot drinks were scalding but that makes sense for brewing tea.
Stews and meal plates tended to be lukewarm which felt food-unsafe to me. I ate it except for one time in a nice restaurant in Vancouver: the plate was hot but the inside of the food was still cool so we asked for it to be heated. Came back only about three degrees warmer.
Is this typical and I just didn't know what is acceptable?
But temp aside, I'd go back in a heartbeat! Beautiful geography and kind, friendly people everywhere!

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