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No, just sloppy restaurants. I find that people here, in BC, are

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Posted to Thread #30358 at 7:30 pm on Jun 22, 2018

a little too casual about many things.That's just my taste but seems to be okay with locals. The ones who have moved from the east complain about there not being exceptional restaurants, wait service needing some overhaul, and so on. It may be part of the being 'real' attitude that seems to go along with living in magnificent surroundings. It's certainly not what I am used to and Alberta and BC represent only a tiny fraction of this enormous country. Perhaps people are complacent as restaurant customers here. They may be too 'nice' to complain. Seriously. Me, I'm not so nice. I expect more.

I have a friend who has lived here all his life, other than other parts of the world, and assumes that this is what the rest of Canada is like. He keeps stating: "in Canada", rather than "in BC". With lots of guidance he is now starting to tame his assumptions. It isn't the same elsewhere. But I love it here. It was a good decision to move here.

Certainly restaurants don't represent what people like in their homes. (In fact, for that friend, I bought a plate warmer for his birthday as we both insist on hot plates and hot food. A perfect gift if anyone is looking for one for a cook, by the way)

I'm glad you enjoyed the scenery though. I was thinking of you last week.

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