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What's the deal with coriander seed? I was all set to make Marg's chermoula recipe when I realized

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Posted to Thread #30363 at 3:55 pm on Jun 24, 2018

I was out of coriander seeds.

"No problem" she said as Fate sat in the background laughing Its ass off.

Anyway, I stopped at Ingles after gym and there was no coriander seed to be found, neither in the baking/spice aisle, nor in the Hispanic spice section, nor in the loose spices stocked near the fresh vegetables. So I checked Walmart in all possible locations and then Bi-Lo. By now I was racking up steps on my pedometer. Then I tried both local health food stores. Then I found the newly opened Mexican grocery store where--for sure!--they would have it.


Then I went BACK to Walmart and walked out to the garden area and looked through the remaining post-planting seed packets.


So I drove to Lowe's...

[momentary pause: have you noticed yet the somewhat disturbing habit I have of not letting something go?]

...and walked out to their garden section seed packets. SCORE. But by the feel of the packet, there were very few seeds in there, so I bought 3 packages for $1.49 each. Got home and the three packages ($4.50 now) didn't even make 1 Tablespoon.

So the next day I drove over to Asheville and went to the big Whole Foods with 10 linear feet and 6 vertical feet of spices.

Can you believe it. Nada! Big empty spaces loomed where lonely "Coriander Seed" labels sat in three different locations for different brands.

But Praise be to looking up, because there was yet another company who sold seeds along with dried mushrooms. And there were my coriander seeds!!

I bought three frigging packages.

Of course, by now, my cilantro, parsley and mint have all gone bad so I STILL can't make the chermoula sauce.

I hate weeks like this.

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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