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Just bought excellent Georgia peaches so thought I would mention "The Peach Truck" in case you

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Posted to Thread #30399 at 2:01 pm on Jul 12, 2018

live in the Midwest, but have not heard about it. The Peach Truck Tour travels through Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Michigan during Georgia's ripe peach season and sells the best peaches I've ever eaten since we moved to southern Indiana and away from the big fruit distribution centers up north.

The peaches I came home with yesterday (July 11) were picked from a Ft. Valley, Georgia, orchard on Monday, July 9. They are still a bit firm, but I currently have them spread all over the dining room table, and they will soften within 1 to 3 days and develop into the juiciest, most flavorful peaches ever. I weighed one single peach this morning, and it came in at 14.2 ounces!

The Peach Truck peaches surpass grocery store peaches because they are just hours off the tree when you eat them. Additionally, they’re picked when they’re ripe, and not a second before. Grocery store peaches can spend many, many days in distribution before making it to their final location, which is why their flavor and texture is so poor.

The Peach Truck(s) is/are currently delivering in mid and southern Indiana & the Kentucky area and will move into Ohio starting July 15, 2018. Here is where you can view this year's peach tour schedule==>

My first year buying from The Peach Truck was in 2016, when I split a 25-pound box with a friend. Last year I came home with 75 pounds of this tasty fruit and peeled, pitted, sliced & froze it all in order to crank out the 20 deep-dish peach pies I made for a crowd of 240 at a local musical event in November, 2017. (See recipe I used Posted to Thread #30244 on Apr 19, 2018.) This year a much cooler head prevailed, and I only bought 25 pounds!

With my 12.5 pounds in 2016 and the 75 pounds in 2017, there was not one bad peach in the entire 87.5 pounds. All ripened perfectly.

(There are also some excellent peach recipes with pictures at The Peach Truck recipe site listed below.)

Richard is in a prime spot to take advantage of The Peach Truck very soon, and hopefully, some of the rest of you will be able to reap the rewards of using this vendor in the days to come. Anyone living close to or in Nashville, Tennessee, can find these peaches at lots of different sales spots--there is a separate tour schedule listed for Nashville on their web site.


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