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I remember apricots: the Blenheim Royals (Royal apricots) that were smaller. . .

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Posted to Thread #30399 at 6:42 pm on Jul 13, 2018

When you picked them off of the tree, they tasted like sweet sunshine and apricots. I liked them best with a just a tny little bit of green on them; it was easy to pick them this way, because this is how they liked to ripen.

Now we have those giant apricots that are so pretty but taste like pure insipid, generic fruit no matter whether they look ripe or not.

I was going to buy frozen apricots from a place up in Washington state BUT when I called and asked what variety they were it was not good. I cannot remember the name but when I looked up the varietal's description and read over the flavor profile. . . The flavor boiled down to a polite version of "it has little flavor".

Our trees died, none of the neighbors grow *any * fruit anymore, all of the neighborhood apricot trees died and were not replaced, and I cannot find good 'cots at the local farmers' markets.

A very sad state of affairs!

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