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Classic puff pastry is made up of 3 parts: Detrempe, Beurrage, and Paton.

The detrempe is the dough portion. It is made of flour, water and a small amount of butter. To make it, sift the flour, add in the butter, and then some water until the dough comes together. Knead the dough a little bit, shape it into a square and place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

The beurrage is the butter portion. To make it, cut the butter into thin sheets and pound each sheet, with a bit of flour, until it is soft. Lay all of the sheets on top of each other and form into a square, roughly the same size as the detrempe.

The paton is the package of dough formed from the detrempe and beurrage. Take the square detrempe and roll out its corners, leaving a mound in the middle. Then place the beurrage catty-cornered in the center of the deprempe (on top of the mound). Fold up the corners of the detrempe to get a complete package and seal the sizes. Then pound out the paton to thin it out and roll it into a rectangle. You will then begin your 4 ā€œCā€ folds after which you will have beautifully handmade classic puff pastry!

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